Obama’s Unprogressive Foreign Policies

December 17, 2008

Humanitarian Aid

The Obama campaign has said, due to military spending and the bailout, they “probably won’t be able to meet our commitment” to raise foreign aid. Unfortunately, what foreign aid currently exists is often systematically designed to bankrupt farmers in the developing world, since the US is the only aid providing country that refuses to buy food aid from local farmers, instead using hunger as a cynical excuse to dump excess inventory from large, subsidized agrobusinesses, who claim this as a tax writeoff.

Military Waste

Obama wants to increase the size of the military, even though we spend more than all the rest of the world combined on “defense,” and it actually makes us less safe. Solving world hunger, transitioning to sustainable energy, industry, and communities, providing health care for all and promoting R+D and sustainable employment might seem to you to be more important priorities to which the trillions of dollars being burned up in military spending (when the full costs are counted) might be better dedicated. But you, my friend, are not Barack Obama.

His choice for Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, wants the US to make new nuclear weapons and maintain all our old ones.


Obama lied about his commitment to have US soldiers out of Iraq within 16 months, and he was dishonest to begin with since he fully intended private mercenaries to continue on there even after said “withdrawal.”

He wants to ramp up the war in Afghanistan, despite the fact that history has shown that only real social investment and not military force can bring peace to the region, one of the poorest and most miserable on earth.

He has expressed a willingness to bomb Iran and won’t rule out a first strike nuclear attack.

Middle East Peace

Obama’s anti-Palestinian stance is in some ways the strongest of any US president ever, and directly opposed to opinion of the people’s and governments of every other nation on earth. He does not seek a two-state end to the Israeli conquest, says he will not negotiate with the elected government of Palestine, and claims that Jerusalem should be considered the capital of Israel, something no other president or world leader has ever before seriously proposed.

The plight of the Palestinian people is a huge cause of foreign support for anti-US terrorism (due to our government’s financing of the majority of the military operations against them).

Latin America

Obama regards the democratically elected (in a landslide) governments of Venezuela and allied nations as “enemies of the United States,” and has urged sanctions against them. He has ruled out the possibility of ending the cruel embargo against the people of Cuba, despite the worldwide consensus that the embargo is illegal, hurts common people, and has been counter-effective in bringing political freedoms to the island.

Obama supports Colombian attacks of soveigern nations like Ecuador, in which civilians are killed. He considers the drug-and-death-squad dictatorship in Colombia to be America’s best friend in the region. He supports bringing the “Colombian solution” of military response to the drug trade into Mexico.

Selling Out

Martin Luther King Jr., a REAL AGENT OF CHANGE, said “My government is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.” Obama, a false prophet of progress, says the opposite, We lead the world in battling immediate evils and promoting the ultimate good.”

That is why Obama is president and MLK was, very likely, assassinated by our own intelligence agencies.


Total US military spending per year is now over $1.4 trillion. That’s enough to solve every major material problem of humanity.


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  2. Brian said

    Excellent citation to the link about MLK’s assassination. Researchers as long ago as Harold Weisberg in 1969 with his ground breaking book Frame Up showed that the government had no case against James Earl Ray.

    William Pepper’s research and court actions, with the support of the King family, went along way toward revealing the truth about who really killed this great leader and human being.

  3. […] are Democrats, but they make a lot of good points. I thought this post was especially interesting: Obama’s Unprogressive Foreign Policies. Obama lied about his commitment to have US soldiers out of Iraq within 16 months, and he was […]

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