The Real Election Starts Now

December 17, 2008

Millions of people (both in the US and around the world) feel hopeful about the election of Barack Obama. Since his father was African, many people from the world’s poor majority believe he will be more sympathetic to their struggles. Since he’s only been in politics a few years, many people here believe he won’t continue the mistakes of our past leaders in these times of great crisis.

So far most of Obama’s early actions and announcements appear to be a giant SLAP IN THE FACE to both of these hopes. Please read on about Obama’s probable foreign policies and domestic policies as well as the people he’s bringing to power.

If you supported Obama before but disagree with these actions of his now,please contact your congressional representatives and Barack Obama’s office and tell them this stuff is totally unacceptable in a democracy (cite specific examples that really bother you).

Also you can help by passing this site on to friends and linking to it on sites and forums. I welcome any criticism and conversation, the easiest way to contact me is by posting a comment on this site.

We didn’t vote for another Bush term so let’s do whatever we can not to get one. Spread the word to people you know who voted for Obama. Follow your conscience, keep your hope up and remember politicians never bring change, but they sometimes respond to it.



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