18 Betrayals In the 2012 Democratic Platform

September 4, 2012

Much respect to Democratic voters who want much better than they’re offered. With that in mind I read the Democratic party platform.


1) LOWER corporate taxes, snuck into a paragraph that’s supposed to differentiate their economic polices from Republicans.

2) Bragging about extending free trade agreements, but promising that they will stop and reverse outsourcing by wagging their fingers about it and eliminating “tax loopholes” that they are implying are greater than the wage differential between American and Chinese workers.

3) A “Buffet Rule” so millionaires don’t pay lower tax rates than the middle class (okay, how about a lot higher ones, i.e. progressive tax?)

4) Bragging about GM bailouts (tiny fraction of the Wall Street bailouts which they claim Obama OPPOSES!), even though the government didn’t tie bail outs to things like making US fuel efficiency standards match first world levels, likely insuring that they will be bankrupt again within a few years.

5) “All-Of-The-Above Energy Policy”… catchy and familiar… I wonder where they got that slogan from? I wonder which of the “all” options will be dominant? Let’s ask Duke Energy, the company that strong-armed the convention into meeting in Charlotte..

6) Obama cut $2 trillion in spending. Yay! Wait, what did he cut? No mention… obviously it was bad, wasteful stuff, unlike the rest of the stuff he didn’t cut. Trust us.

7) Promises that the Affordable Care Act “won’t be the end” of healthcare reform efforts… so… universal insurance like the rest of the first world? Nope, but more “health funding targeted towards blacks, Latinos, and gays.” Enjoy the empty shout-outs while you can, guys.

8) Takes credit for reducing “racial disparities in drug sentencing laws.” That’s right, did you know the punishment for equal amounts of crack vs cocaine is now ONLY 20 TIMES AS HIGH!

9) Quoting MLK about volunteerism… you forgot another great MLK line, “My country is the greatest purveyor of violence on earth.”

10) Still talking about a fantasy Al Qaeda from the intro on, proud that Obama has DOUBLED the yearly spending on Afghan war since taking office.

11) “We have responsibly ended the war in Iraq.” NO. The Iraqi parliament ended the war in Iraq by refusing to continue immunity for US soldiers accused of crimes. The Obama admin. pressured them against this and wanted to extend the war. Why is this important? If they’re lying about that why do you think they’ll be honest about Afghanistan?

12) “The Democratic Party knows there is no greater responsibility than protecting the American people,” from their paragraph on the military. War machine uber alles.

13) As long as anyone else in the world has nuclear weapons, Obama promises us that we will too. Because they are really useful, apparently. Meanwhile the president of Iran (and I’m not a fan) is calling for a nuclear-free world NOW, something most of the world’s leaders would strongly agree with.

14) Having the biggest military in the world is non-negotiable. (Ironic, as our build-ups are what justify other countries’ imitation, and our cast-off arms become their new arsenals.)

15) Did you think ending the war in Iraq would lead to decreasing the military’s power? NOPE, it’s time to “retool our forces.” $$$!!!

16) Democrats see vibrant democracies “from Mexico to Chile,” i.e. a narco-state of stolen elections and a country now ruled by fans of the old dictatorship who spray rubber bullets at an emerging nationwide protest movement, but (besides maybe Colombia) the only “conservative allies” we have left in Latin America.

However, they are deeply concerned about democracy in Venezuela, where the Socialist Party has swept more fair elections than any other coalition in the hemisphere (affirms Jimmy Carter among many other objective voices.)

PS – Obama will NOT apologize for US-backed death squads throughout the hemisphere, despite which Romney decided to title his book “No Apologies!” and make the idea that Obama somehow apologized for extreme American evil his primary foreign policy issue.

17) Promises to combat efforts by other countries to persecute gay people. I’m sure our strong allies, the Gulf monarchs, will follow through on this any day now.

18) The President has “steadily worked to build an international framework to combat climate change.”

CONTRAST:¬†Leading climate change denier Marc Morano: “As skeptics, we tip our hat to President Obama in helping crush and continue to defeat the United Nations process. Obama has been a great friend of global warming skeptics at these conferences. President Obama could not have turned out better when it came to his lack of interest in the congressional climate bill and his lack of interest in the United Nations Kyoto Protocol.”


The platform devotes nearly 10 times as much space to justifications for militarism as it does to addressing either environmental problems or financial reform.

It’s is a pretty expensive collection of words, many of them false but most just empty. Where is the accountability that comes from responding to critics? I.e. REAL critics, civil society groups, etc… not just bullshit talking points from Republicans.

Well, there it is ladies and gentleman, your Lesser Evil Platform of 2012.

Much love and luck to the Non-Evil forces protesting Wall Street South!!!


One Response to “18 Betrayals In the 2012 Democratic Platform”

  1. rightstolife said

    See any others I left out?

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